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Cobb County State Court speeding tickets and traffic tickets

Always speak with an attorney before you pay the fine

“Paying the fine” in Cobb County State Court means entering a guilty plea, which will result in points on your driver's license, higher insurance costs, and possibly even license suspension. If you've been ticketed on I-75, I-285, Cobb Parkway / Highway 41, or anywhere else in Cobb County, you need an experienced Cobb County speeding ticket and traffic ticket lawyer.

Out of State Drivers

Receiving a Cobb County speeding ticket may have serious consequences in both Georgia and your home state. I have represented hundreds of out-of-state drivers who received Cobb County speeding tickets or traffic tickets on I-75 or I-285. I will work your ticket so that you don't have to return to Cobb County for a court date. In most cases, I am able to resolve your speeding ticket so that it is not reported on your driver's history.

Under 21 Drivers

If you're under 21, conviction on a 4-point offense such as speeding 24 mph or greater, will result in the suspension of your driver's license. As an experienced Cobb County ticket lawyer, I will design a legal strategy to protect your driving privileges.

Over two decades of experience fighting Cobb County tickets

My goal is always to negotiate a dismissal or reduction of your Cobb County speeding ticket or traffic ticket. With over two decades of experience defending speeding tickets and traffic tickets in Cobb County State Court, I strive to make the legal process as easy and efficient as possible for my clients. I will work with you to design a legal strategy that minimizes the impact a speeding ticket or traffic ticket has upon your driver's license, insurance rates, and driving record.

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If you have received a speeding ticket or any traffic ticket in Cobb County State Court, it is important that you speak with an experienced Cobb County speeding ticket and traffic ticket lawyer to review your case and preserve your rights. Call me today at (770) 971-0656 for a free consultation regarding your Cobb County State Court speeding ticket, Super Speeder speeding ticket, or traffic ticket.