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Payment plans

Over the years, I have accepted hundreds of Cobb County traffic ticket cases with small down payments and have set up affordable payment plans for my clients. When you retain my services, I typically accept monthly installment payments by check, money order, cash, debit card, or credit card. I accept all major credit and debit cards. I understand some clients require financial assistance from a friend, employer, or other family member and I will gladly accept legal fees paid on your behalf by another person.

Reasonable Attorney Fees

In general, fees for legal representation in criminal matters are flat fees - that is, a set or fixed amount for the services rendered. For example, all traffic and criminal defense matters that I handle are fixed fees and may be paid in accordance with an agreed-upon payment plan.

In many criminal defense cases, the defendant faces the ultimate sanction - that is, the possibility of jail time and/or Driver License Suspension. Choosing an attorney is an important decision and one which should be made carefully. Your decision of which criminal defense attorney to retain should not be based on who is the 'cheapest' but rather who you feel most confident with in handling your legal matter, whether it is a speeding ticket, traffic ticket, or other charge.